IHOPNW will be reopening our building Sunday, July 5th for two services. We will have an 8AM (without IHOPNW Kids) and a 10AM (with IHOPNW Kids). We hope to see you there!  (Update 7.2.20 9:00AM)  


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Month of More

Every year in the winter, we take time as a spiritual family to recalibrate our lives back on the thing that matters most; Jesus. This year we talked about the MORE of God that’s available for the hungry heart. Three of the four services were built on the WHO, the WHAT, and the HOW of building a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The sessions below will encourage you to search out the scriptures, and find the MORE of God that’s available.

February 3, 2019

Month of More - Week 6

Speaker: Charlie Sweet Series: Month of More

January 27, 2019

Month of More - Week 4: Real Life Prophetic Demystified (Part 1)

Speaker: Zac Bartelt Series: Month of More Verse: Revelation 19:10